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Simala Shrine in Sibonga Cebu Pictures

Simala Shrine is one of the well-known religious place in the Philippines where thousands of devotees visit the shrine every week which located on Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu. If you are planning to go there with no hassle, avoid Friday, Saturday and Sunday =)

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In front of the shrine that looks like a palace

Entrance to the shrine

Advisory "The sick and aged are advised to use the ramp, not the high stairways"

Yes its long but there also a way provided for anyone who cannot go up to the stairs. You can go into the middle of the entrance where there is no stairs, suitable for any disabled persons or older ones.
Statue of Mother Mary facing the Simala Shrine

Cottages provided for devotees to relax and eat there.
Majestic design inside the Simala Church

You can choose what candle on parallel on what you pray for. Each candle is 35 pesos.
You can buy the candles here
Inside the shrine, you cannot bring your slippers or shoes
Statues all over inside the shrine. Most of them are statues of different forms of the Virgin Mary.

A passage to see the Miraculous Virgin Mary where people are queuing.
Testimonials from the people who have been cured or answered for their prayers.
Miraculous Virgin Mary

How to get to Simala Shrine and travel tips:
  •  From Cebu City, you can either ride a bus from South Terminal or a V-hire (van) from City Link terminal. The bus would only take you at the crossing in Lindogon going to Simala which you would ride a tricycle all the way up to Simala Shrine. On the other hand, the V-hire would take you straight all the way to the shrine. You could also hire a taxi but that would be a little expensive.
  • The travel will took 1 to 2 hours.
  • You could bring water and food there but no eating inside the shrine. 
  • If you rent a taxi, it would cost you 1000 to 2000 pesos, depends on the negotiation, and that would be back and fort already. 
  • Again avoid Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you don't want too crowded


  1. hi! how much is the fare for the V-hire? Thanks!

  2. V-hire fare going to simala is 100 pesos. Bus fare is 70 pesos for air conditioned buses while 50+ pesos for non air conditioned buses.

  3. But note that buses will only drop you at the crossing and you need to ride a habal-habal or tricycle going to simala at 20 pesos each.

  4. is there any fee for the cottage if we'll gonna eat there?

  5. @Denny sorry we didn't tried it but I think its free.

  6. HI Coymax : very helpful entry. Thanks a lot.

  7. what time does the shrine open on saturday?

  8. How we go there if you are from talisay city? And what bus ?


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