Friday, May 3, 2013

Pescador Island on Moalboal Pictures

Going to Moalboal is a sure thing that you could experience a summer at the sea with white sand beach and a wasted night party and sunburn to keep :). But its not complete if you did not visit the virgin Pescador Island to do snorkeling or diving. This island has a lot to brag on its beckoning underwater living creatures with its corals and different species of fish; a lot of fish by the way. :) Too bad we don't have a underwater camera.

Click picture to enlarge

Pescador Island Map
Yayads on emo pose :)

we encountered school of dolphins on the way to Pescador Island
Our guides told us to create sounds so they may play around beside the boat. Ok hit the boat please.

Too bad we can only capture from above.. Underwater camera where are you?

team yayads :)

Recommended tour guides. Pedro and Juan :). There not the typical boat handlers that will just take you to an island to another island but they will also dive with you and guide you while snorkeling. See below for their contact info.

Boat Contact Info:
 Dodong Jacquez

1200 pesos (regular) 2 hours
2000 pesos (special) 4 hours

Choices are Dolphin watching, snorkeling at pescador island, swimming with pawikans or marine turtles, snorkeling at fish sanctuary / corals


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